Shipping Container Service

Shipping Container Transportation Service in Dubai, UAE

Container shipping UAE

Relocating to the UAE and needing shipping services? Our container shipping UAE service provides both returning expatriates and new migrants with the finest costs and customer service.

For the last 25 years, our shipping services to Dubai have assisted families with all of their moving requirements, including automobiles, modest shipments of furniture, tea cartons, and personal goods, as well as whole-house removals, including the sinks!

Door to Door Container Shipping to the UAE

We provide a door-to-door complete container shipping service to the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom, and also a regular LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipping service to all main cities in the UAE. Prime Express International Courier Private Limited provides a selection of containers for transportation to the UAE.

Depending on your specific requirements, our skilled shipping advisors will recommend the most appropriate container size, often 40ft containers but also 20ft containers.

Your vehicle and home goods in a single container

Whenever shipping a container to the UAE, we may send both your personal goods and your vehicle in the same container. We would place a container at your house on the day of your move and carefully pack, secure, and over crate off your vehicle.

The extra space within the shipping container will be used to load and store your professionally-packaged home goods. Your container will then be wrapped at your doorstep with a customs seal, and your single-use container will be returned to a UK port to be loaded onto a ship.

How much does shipping a container to the UAE cost?

Multiple variables will impact the price of your container transportation to the UAE. These consist of:

● Type of goods being sent
● Your chosen shipping method (LCL or FCL)
● The weight of your cargo
● The volume of your cargo
● The distance between your origin and destination ports
● Movement type (door-to-door, port-to-port, etc.)

What size container do I need for my cargo?

There are a variety of sizes for ocean freight containers. The shortest is 20 feet in length, while the longest is 45 feet. Depending on the size, mass, and volume of your cargo, you would choose the appropriate capacity.

Container Shipping UAE

For LCL shipments, we suggest that your goods not exceed fifty percent of the container's volume. This allows you to cut shipping expenses and increase LCL shipment. If your goods are larger than half the container, it may be more cost-effective to ship them via FCL. Compare the costs of both delivery choices and choose the one that best meets your needs.

You should not be concerned about the size of your goods if you are shipping with FCL. FCL can transport items of various shapes, sizes, and weights.

Why choose Prime Express?

Prime Express International Courier Private Limited can facilitate the shipment of your container to the UAE. We are a first-and-foremost digital freight forwarder providing conventional freight services with the added convenience of current technologies. Our digital platform allows you to control your cargo from start to finish, such as:

● Request for estimates
● Schedule your shipments
● Manage your deliveries
● Online fee payment
● Track your delivery