Delivery Service

Same Day & Next day Delivery Services in UAE

Delivery Service UAE
Domestic assistance

For deliveries within the UAE, we provide an extensive range of domestic delivery services to meet the diverse demands of contemporary enterprises.

All our domestic services are handled exclusively by our personnel at Prime Express International Courier Private Limited. None of our processes are outsourced.

Depending on your needs, you may pick from a variety of delivery alternatives with varying fees and timescales. We provide urgent same-day delivery, quick next-day deliveries, as well as less urgent choices. Regardless of your selection, we provide easy and swift delivery services, backed by real-time tracking technologies that allow you to monitor the status of your package.

Next Day Shipping

In the UAE, Next-Day Delivery is the most cost-effective pick-up and delivery service for regular shipments. One of our most popular domestic services, we have the ability and resources to transport anywhere between one and one hundred parcels throughout the UAE the very following day.

We guarantee on-time deliveries every time, using real-time tracking to ensure that your product reaches the recipient's address on time. Place your purchase at the convenience of your workplace or home and be assured that your box will be picked from your doorstep and delivered the very next day to the correct destination.

Same Day Service

When you need mission-critical goods to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, you can count on Same-Day Services. We guarantee quick package collection and delivery to your home. It is ideal for time-sensitive shipments and will be tailored to your specifications. Same-Day Service is completely adaptable to your business's needs, and our team will be there to manage the cargo from pickup to delivery. Our proprietary software also enables real-time shipping tracking.

Delivery Service UAE
Bullet Service

Do not sacrifice your efficiency! Using Prime Express Bullet Delivery Service UAE, your package will be sent through the quickest route feasible. With our specialized, around-the-clock pickup and delivery service, we can accommodate your needs even outside of normal business hours. Our experts will oversee your cargo from beginning to end, assuring the prompt delivery of your papers and packages.

Bullet Service guarantees highly urgent deliveries with one-hour delivery inside the emirate and three-to-four-hour delivery throughout the emirates.

Only to the Addressee

Consignee Exclusive Delivery is a value-added service offered by Prime Express for clients who want the shipment delivered to a specified receiver only. The parcel is only given to the recipient after a comprehensive review of his identification document. This service is used mostly for the distribution of papers and financial instruments, such as bank cards, checkbooks, and pin cards.

With over 1000 delighted clients worldwide, you can be certain that your critical papers will be delivered promptly and securely. Our proprietary program also enables you to trace your shipment in real-time, so you know when it will arrive at its destination.

Delivery service UAE
Cheque Collection

Prime Express will collect and deliver your cheques safely and securely. Our professionals will collect your cheque from the payer and bring it to your office. Our Cheque Collection service is offered across the UAE.

It saves you time since it eliminates the need for mailing. Additionally, the extra interest gained will boost your income. Prime Express provides 100% honesty and dependability for your most important financial transactions.

Return Service

Return Service by Prime Express is a two-way service that will pick up the item to be returned and then deliver it to the sender. Flexible return choices enable more convenience, shorter turnaround times, and trustworthy and dependable service from Prime Express. With our Return service, you can provide your firm a competitive advantage over the competition and increase your market prominence.