7 Things to Look Out for When Sending Packages Overseas

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Shipping internationally requires numerous considerations. From customs restrictions to paperwork, international shipping is a hassle. International shipping is more difficult and demands patience.

Understanding international shipping and its protocols is the best approach to shipping overseas. HOW? Simple! Read this article to learn about shipping packages internationally.


Customs laws protect commercial security and preserve standards in international commerce. This should be your first consideration when exporting items internationally.

Custom regulations include corporate transactions, policies, and standards. Your business knows legal duties if it follows trade rules. Importing or exporting products, you need to follow customs procedures to avoid fines and other repercussions.


Customs costs are another hassle. Customs fees safeguard local industry, produce governmental money, and regulate cargos entering or departing a nation.

This price varies based on the item’s value and destination. Higher-value items cost more. Hence, checking customs fees before shipment is vital.


International shipping helps nations’ growth, advancement, and development. Each country’s regulations vary; thus, firms operate differently. Regulating international trade legislation per country is tough. Each nation regulates what enters and leaves its borders. They apply tariffs on freight to pay for enforcement workers.

The shipping price includes shipper fees and some freight taxes. Like customs costs, delivery rates vary by courier. When sending products internationally, compare tariffs from various firms.

Transit and packing

Before shipping, consider the delivery date carefully. Delays are rare, but more common when delivering internationally. Overseas shipping has no overnight or same-day delivery options. On top of that, customs clearance might take longer, delaying delivery.

Packaging your items appropriately can prevent transportation delays. Again, nations have varied rules on managing products. Be careful to respect the country’s shipping rules. Goods should be well-packaged and labeled. In addition to a corrugated box, bubble wrap and air cushions give added protection to your shipment. You can use pallets to safeguard your product against international shipping’s massive movements.

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Mode of Shipment

Mode of Transportation is another factor to consider when exporting items abroad. Ship your items via land, sea, or air. If shipping from countries where you don’t have many alternatives. You can ship by boat or air. Sometimes, a variety of transportation modes are needed to move products effectively.

Time, cost, and product must be considered while choosing a transport mode. If you need an urgent delivery, air freight is the quickest. It costs extra for its convenience. Sea transportation is sometimes disregarded since it’s slower than air freight, but it’s great for sending fragile things that can’t withstand turbulence. Using marine freight is cost-effective also.

Shipments Rule

Some commodities are forbidden in some nations. If you transport products internationally, know the origin and destination of banned items lists. This simplifies shipping.

Perishable products, animals, and plants have special transportation requirements. Perishable commodities must be sent in limited quantities. This depends on their origin and destination. Shipping animals or plants requires further licenses.


International shipping has a high damage rate. Poor packing causes 65% of cargo damage claims, according to Port Technology. This and other possible types of damages are enough to seek insurance. Ensure your cargo is against damage and loss. You could believe it’s unnecessary, but insurance provides a safety net in case anything goes wrong with your cargo.

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